Mobile Bobby Calf Loading Pen

Our Bobby Calf Loading Pen is designed to meet the new regulations that come in to effect in August 2017. This innovative design makes cleaning, handling, installing and removal much easier.

bobby calf loading pen

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures you meet new regulations
  • Easily lifted with a forklift/tractor
  • Available with or without stand
  • Long-lasting, tough, lightweight & durable
  • Won’t rot, rust or corrode
  • Grated floor for drainage & easy clean walls
  • Made from European material Paneltim™
  • Impact, corrosion, chemical and shock resistant
  • Flexible sizing & roofing options on order

Easy to clean 

We use the latest hygienic, easy clean materials. The smooth, non-absorbing surface of the panels repels water and dirt. And sheets are scratch resistant so dirt has nowhere to lodge.

The polymer used in construction is also impact, chemical and dynamic shock resistant  

So versatile 

The pen is made of strong, durable, lightweight materials, so it can be moved around the farm without damage. It can be lifted with a forklift or tractor and placed onto a platform at the regulation height. This means it can sit next to your calving area for ease of feeding, monitoring and managing stock until the day the truck arrives. Then you simply pick up the pen with a tractor or forklift and attach it on your stand at the regulation height.

It must be at a height of 1.2m so calves can walk onto the truck when it arrives. The pen can be placed on a timber or steel framing structure, earth platform or other raised surface. Estimated unladen weight is 300kg.

Please contact us for more information.

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