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Isolation Pen

Dairy hygiene is a Hugo specialty. Experience gained as a leading supplier of dairy laboratories and a 22-year relationship with Fonterra, is testimony that we know better than most. Our hygiene equipment is designed to help prevent the spread of disease such as when calving - saving you time and money. Our isolation pens are easy to clean and the polymer used in construction is impact, chemical and dynamic shock resistant. Our bobby calf loading pen and ramp meet regulations coming into force in August 2017. Choose one of our ready-made products including hygiene pens, medical storage cabinets and a dairy shed office. We can also fabricate made-to-order products for horticulture. The materials we use won’t rot in high humidity or moist environments, which make them perfect for hot houses, hydroponics and cheese making.



We’re always excited to find new versatile, durable materials that can be used for commercial buildings, houses and landscapes. Our ready-made multi-use plant boxes can be clad to have any appearance and keep their strength. Our ponds and water features can be custom made. Both are made from a polymer which is impact, chemical, scratch and dynamic shock resistant. We also have lots of experience in designing and fabricating solutions with material such as Paneltim®. Belgium made Paneltim® panels are light, yet solid and rigid so ideal for fabricated constructions. Hermetically sealed internal cells provide exceptional insulating and acoustic properties. Paneltim® is also resistant to corrosion and doesn’t show aging discoloration.


Whether it’s under or above ground water treatment tanks, water storage tanks, waste tanks, sumps, traps (for grease, silt or petrol) or piping, you can choose from our ready-made products. Or talk to us about fabricating a solution to suit your project.

If it’s liquid containment you need, we know from experience that 95% of the time plastic is best. It’s easy to use, rigid, soft but strong, available in different chemical compounds to suit different chemical containment solutions, easy to transport and retrofit or modify at a later date. Plastic is also very low maintenance.

All our products are extremely durable and configured to help you design, construct and maintain works in a variety of built and natural environments.


We offer a range of products to help you keep on top of environmental issues, such as when removing chemicals, fumes or odours on a large or small scale.

Our products include piping, air extraction, fume/air scrubbing and storage cabinets for dangerous goods and chemicals.

All are durable and impact, chemical and dynamic shock resistant. Another advantage of plastic is that it doesn’t rust, rot or deteriorate from exposure to rain or salt water.

Choose from our ready-made range or we can fabricate products to suit your needs.


Our fish tanks and isolation units make it easier and more cost effective to farm or breed fish, while our jetties, docks and barges can be used anywhere such as marinas.

All our products are made of robust chemical resistant plastic that doesn’t rot or rust and is scratch resident so algae has nowhere to lodge and grow. The sheets also repel dirt so you can keep on top of hygiene.

Durability also means these won’t need to be replaced so often. The material we use is called Paneltim®. This has an internal sandwich board structure that means if one cell is damaged and leaks, the leak is contained within that cell without spreading.

Hugo marine products are made-to-order or we can fabricate solutions to suit your needs.