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Trade Waste

Hugo Plastics offers an extensive range of customised Grease Traps & other products for the civil & industrial sector.

Our ability to design and manufacture to suit at times challenging situations and environments is our expertise. Hugo is a division of TPE.

Plastic is strong, durable, and sustainable and we’ve been working with it for 30 years. We design, specify, and construct bespoke units or you can choose from our ready made products. We work with plastic of all kinds including polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC.

Trade Waste

Grease Traps

Hugo’s custom passive Grease Traps are designed to hold and slow the flow of wastewater containing fat, oil, and grease (FOG) before it reaches the sewer only allowing the cleaner water to flow into the sewer.

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Settling Tanks

Hugo’s settling tank slows the flow of wastewater to allow plaster, clay, and other fine (heavier than water) material to sink to the bottom of the tank and the cleaner water to flow out to the sewer.

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Petrol and Oil Interceptors

Hugo’s custom petrol and oil interceptor contains and slows the flow of contaminated wastewater allowing grease, oil, traces of fuel, and solvents to float to the top while solids settle to the bottom and cleaner water flows out.

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OdaTech® Odour
Control Technology

OdaTech uses sustainable biotechnology to resolve odour and corrosion problems in a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

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Colasit® Plastic
Corrosive Fans

Hugo/TPE are the New Zealand distributor for Colasit fans and to help Kiwi companies and organisations get the most out of Colasit technology.

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Horizontal Fume

The Hugo wet scrubber is a device that removes contaminated gases such as soluble chemicals, fumes, and odours from the air, prior to being discharged into the atmosphere

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The Shedcaddy is designed to clip over your standard milking shed rail or yarding in the shearing shed, to store your paints, keeping your spray cans and tail paints organised.

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Planter Boxes

Custom Made Commercial Planter Boxes are lightweight and internally braced. This makes them perfect for mounting on a wall or when the loading must be kept to a minimum.

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Calf Pens

Hugo Plastics Calf Hygiene Pen is a versatile, sterile, easy to clean plastic calf pen that can be used for quarantine of new animals, isolation of sick animals or general calf rearing.

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