The Perfect Maimai for the Kiwi Lifestyle
Our Hugo Plastics Kitset Maimai (duck hunting hut) is perfect for semi-permanent installation, whether that be taking it with you when you move farms or moving it from pond to pond between seasons. This maimi is great in harsh conditions so don't be afraid to position this near the sea or leave semi buried as it will never rot, rust or corrode.

Key Benefits:
  • Designed and manufactured to suit your plans, easy to assemble kit-set, set it up anywhere!
  • Ideal for permanent/semi-permanent placement during duck hunting season
  • Benches, seats, leaners, windows - all available upon request.
  • Warm, dry, draft blocking & tidy
  • Long-lasting, tough, lightweight & durable
  • Won’t rot, rust or corrode in poor conditions
  • Impact, scratch, corrosion, chemical and dynamic shock resistant
  • Made from European material Paneltim™
  • Flexible design, sizing & roofing options on request
Please contact us for more information.

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