About Hugo Plastic

New Zealand Plastic Fabrication Company

Hugo Plastics is a new innovative design and plastics manufacturing company based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Our Pedigree

Our parent company Thermoplastic Engineering Limited (TPE) is a leader in designing, engineering and fabricating solutions for scientific and industrial laboratories including dairy heavy weights Fonterra, Synlait and Oceania Dairy. Hugo has at its disposal 30 years of skills and expertise built up by Simon Jones and the TPE team. Hugo then applies this to creating practical solutions for a wide range of uses.

Our Specialties and Beyond

We cater to the agricultural, civil engineering, environmental, marine and architectural industries in Christchurch, Otago and throughout New Zealand. But it doesn’t stop there. We think the possibilities with plastic are endless and we’re open to creating a solution for whatever you need – big, small or complex. Our advanced fabrication techniques include cutting, welding and shaping, to name just a few. All of our products are made in New Zealand from a range of local and imported materials.

From TPE To Hugo

TPE began designing and fabricating one-off plastic units and whole fit-outs such as liquid containment tanks for a range of industries. This led to developing plastic fume cupboards for laboratories and from there the company branched into lab electronics. Before long TPE was a preferred supplier in energy saving technology, creating EcoAir VAV systems, fume cupboard controllers, the Ecosash Autosash controller and Megawatt heat recovery systems. Today TPE exports to a number of Asian markets. Back home it continues to be a preferred supplier to labs run by institutions (universities, hospitals, schools, the Police) and commercial industry. Now Hugo has the benefit of the TPE experience, skills, networks, plant and equipment to cater to commercial and the domestic markets.